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The newest RooSport is here, introducing the RooSport Plus! Now with a larger design that can handle plus sized phones, and all of the features you would expect from our 2.0 version, the RooSport Plus is ready to run!

Size: 7.5" x 4.5"

The RooSport 2.0, introduces a variety of colors and new features to the RooSport family! Colors include blue, green, pink, orange, and black. Slightly larger design to fit larger phones (including the iPhone 6 and GS5 with a slim case)! Two sided headphone cord holes! And a concealed zipper pocket!

Size: 6" x 4"
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The L.A. Times

Likes: It stays secure with belt-less comfort. You place the back side of the 5.5-by-4-inch RooSport inside your pant waist and fold the top over; magnets on each side clasp it tightly so that it can't fall off or move around as you run or walk. Includes a zippered pocket and a Velcro-closure* pocket.

* RooSports made since Nov. 2013 use a magnetic-closure pocket.

Heidi Friedman

I have to say that I love, love, love the RooSport! I have used it on short runs, long training runs, and a recent half marathon. I've also used it to keep my ID and phone on me without having to carry a purse. Once I folded it over my waistband and started running, I didn't even know it was there. It didn't move around, chafe, or lose it's contents. The zippered pocket held my key, and the larger velcro* pocket held my cell phone (a droid), ID, train ticket, and money with room to spare!

It isn't completely waterproof, as my train ticket and phone did get a little damp from running for so long and sweating through it. Even though they were a little damp, it was totally worth it not to have to deal with a running belt like Spibelt. As a woman with a waist smaller than my hips, running belt and fanny packs tend to work their way up and become loose around my tummy. The RooSport didn't move an inch and didn't put any extra pressure around my tummy that I normally would get from a traditional running belt. Aside from my shoes and jog bra, this little product is my favorite! I can't get over how awesome it is!

* RooSports made since Nov. 2013 use a magnetic-closure pocket.

Tom E. Cox

It is convenient for cards, money keys etc. for the summer runner because a lot of the running clothing provides little in the way of storage space. I actually bought this on recommendation of a serious runner but originally planned to use it as a card and money belt because I can fit it inside my belt to thwart pickpockets when I travel to Europe. Review - uc91

I bought this at the Philadelphia marathon expo. I was carrying 3 gu's with me during the race and I needed something to hold them. I looked at belts but they looked like they would bug me bobbing up and down like that. Then I found the roosport booth. I listened to the sales pitch and thought about it. It was kinda expensive at 20 dollars for a little pouch but it was well worth it! I was worried that this would move up and down when I ran but as long as I had only 3 gus in there and not 4 it was fine. I forgot I even had it on. It just goes right on your waistband and secures itself with a little magnet. The fabric is very comfortable. There is also a little zipper pouch for an id. I usually run with shorts with an id pouch in them but once its cold enough to wear leggings instead this will be perfect. You can put an ipod in there too. It has a little hole where your headphones can go through. I just held my ipod though. I always do. And I dont think it would have fit in there with the gels. One con was that the little velcro* part came started to come off the day I bought it but I thought the velcro* wasnt necessary anyway. It actually got in my way a little bit as I was trying to pull the gels out. So really its not a big deal. Im so glad roosport was at the Philly marathon. it made such a difference!

* RooSports made since Nov. 2013 use a magnetic-closure pocket.


Brenda Brundage

Creator of The RooSport

Liz Dialto

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