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The Original Magnetic Pouch - The RooSport

Carry Your Essentials to the Gym

Brenda Brundage

The Essentials

I travel a lot.Hiatt_RooSport

And while I travel I try to stay in shape. Most hotel gyms don’t have all the equipment I need so I often find a local gym and see if I can negotiate a day pass or pro-rated membership. There are three things I always carry with me when I do this:

– My Credit Card
– My Driver’s License
– My key

The RooSport is perfect for this. I don’t have to worry about these things falling out of my pockets while I workout, and the pocket is light and discreet so I don’t notice it while I’m doing my workouts.

The Workouts

I tend to use almost all off the machines, as well as free weights and benches. The RooSport is great, for example, if I’m running on a treadmill or using the ellipticals. It keeps my possessions from bouncing around in my pockets.

It also works well with bench workouts where my pockets are even with the floor, and especially declined workouts where my pockets are nearly vertical and positioned to dump everything on the floor.

The Review

For this context, the RooSport is absolutely perfect. It fits the need, it’s discreet, it looks athletic, and I’m more focused because I’m not having to worry about misplacing something. I recommend it completely.

– Marshall Bean
Founder of

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