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Our Story


My name is Brenda and I am the creator of the RooSport.

I am a marathon runner with a love of the sport.  I was a stay at home mom with a background in sewing and ran a business sewing for local decorators.

The idea of the RooSport started in 2005 when I was asked by my running partner to create a pocket for her son who was an elite runner and triathlete.  I created a small pocket for him and we pinned it onto his shorts.  He loved it!  I then created a pocket for myself and sewed it onto my running skirt.  During my daily runs I found it so useful that I decided to create a pocket that anyone could use on their existing running wear.  One day while running, I came up with the idea of magnets. After several prototypes, I developed the design for the RooSport.

I applied for a job at the local hospital as a housekeeper to pay for the patent.  As I was working on my patent, I started looking for manufacturers.  I took some business classes at our local College, and came up with a business plan.  After several prototypes were sent back and forth I finally came up with a product that I was happy with.  I sent several out for reviews from runners in my area as well as some I had never met.  The reviews were so positive that I decided that I was ready to try to sell the RooSport.

I secured a booth at the local marathon and set up a table under a tree in the park.  We sold 60 RooSports that night and the idea was so well received that I have spent the last year and a half selling at marathon expos all over the country.  People love our product, and I am constantly getting emails from customers who have found so many different uses for the RooSport.  It naturally is good for any sport, hiking, biking etc.  but also for traveling, cruises, Theme Parks, Shopping, as well as medical equipment ( inhalers, diabetic pumps and meters) and so on.  We have made several changes in the design as our customers have asked for a bigger size, as well as more water resistant.  We are currently working on colors, and a few more design changes.

The RooSport has been a positive change for runners everywhere.  It allows them to carry personal items without having to wear a belt around their waist.  It is comfortable, and the biggest comment we get is “I didn’t even know I was wearing it!”  It creates a pocket in anything you are wearing and its applications are endless.

I love my business and am excited about continuing to meet runners while selling the RooSport.