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The Story of The RooSport

Brenda Brundage

The RooSport Beginnings…

Hello, and Welcome to the!


I’m Brenda, creator of the RooSport, and I’m excited you found my website!

I’ll be blogging about my marathon running, sharing my adventures with The RooSport,
and giving you valuable tips, information, giveaways, and other “cool” stuff that will
help you in your walking, jogging, running, marathons, and even hiking, swimming, and

I know, I can’t even believe how rapidly The RooSport has taken off! It truly has been

Anyway, I’m excited about this new interaction with YOU!

The Story of The RooSport

You may already have a RooSport, maybe not.  You can order a RooSport here, or
learn about more of my escapades about the RooSport in this blog post.

But, have you heard the story of how I came up with this nifty, little, attachable,
magnetic running pocket?

If not, here’s the reader’s digest version.

I started this business as an avid runner, desperate for a solution as to where to carry
my personal items while running.

I started running 20 years ago, in an attempt to lose weight. Upon realizing what a
stress reliever running and walking were, I had found my passion!

After 25 marathons, and several half marathons, I’m officially “addicted.” In fact, I now
depend on it for my sanity!

I have always loved to sew, and as a teen, I sewed many of my own clothes.

Over the years, I have been able to create many useful things out of scraps of fabric.

One day, a relative approached me about creating a pocket for him to use, on his
upcoming marathon. Thus began the RooSport.

I can’t explain how the whole process came about, just that one day while out on a
run, my mind was racing, as usual, and I thought of the concept of using magnets as a
means to attach the pocket…

Voila! The RooSport was born!

After being a stay at home mom for 25 years, I found a job at a local hospital, to earn
the extra income, to pay for the patent, and to manage the expenses incurred from
starting a new business.

From Stay-At-Home Mom To Full-Time Business

After 2 ½ years, I have been able to go full-time with my business.

The RooSport is less than a year old, and it has become my passion.

I love having a booth at the Expo’s, and meeting runners from all over the country. What
a great sport, and a great group of people! I am entertained by your stories, concerned
about your struggles, and passionate about your experiences.

Truly, my life is blessed.

My Mission with The RooSport

My goal is to reach out to YOU, my loyal RooSport fans. I’ll use this website as one of
the means to do so.

Please share YOUR stories with me. I want to hear about your training, your races,
your 5ks, your 10ks, and your full and half marathons.

I want to hear about your triumphs and defeats, (because we all have them), and I
just want to touch base with you and support your efforts in the goals you are trying to

My hope is that you will continue to support me by spreading the word about this great
product. I’d love to reach 1,000,000 (One Million) people or more with this wonderful
concept and I know with your help, it is entirely possible.

The RooSport is great for the minimalist runner, walker, or jogger. Or, it can really hold
a lot for those long runs. It has so many uses, and we love hearing about them all.

Also, I absolutely LOVE reviews of The RooSport like this one by one of my loyal fans.

From walkers, runners, and joggers, to swimmers, hikers, and vacationers, to diabetics
and more, The RooSport truly is multi-faceted and is changing the lives of those who
use it!

So, together, let’s make running fun!

Please share your experiences and your uses of The RooSport with me by commenting,
Liking” my page on Facebook, commenting here on my blog, and Following The
on Twitter.

Finally, please do keep me updated here, in the comments section on your runs with The RooSport.

When we’re in your town, stop by our booth and say “Hi!”

I love my fans!

Until my next post…

Happy Running,


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