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The Original Magnetic Pouch - The RooSport

The Original Magnetic Pouch and Magnetic Running Pouch – The RooSport

Brenda Brundage

The RooSport magnetic running pouch is proving to be an easy, simple, minimalistic way to carry your things while running, hiking, biking, walking, or at the gym.

This lightweight magnetic running pouch tucks inside your waistband and snaps over the top to itself. As magnetic running pouches go it has become very popular.  Click here to have a look at all of the recent news, buzz, and press about The RooSport.

In this article, I’d like to quickly highlight why The RooSport is simply the best magnetic pouch around.  By the time you’re finished reading, I’m sure you’ll agree!  When it comes to magnetic pouches, magnetic running pouches, and awesome running accessories, The RooSport magnetic running pouch simply cannot be beat!

 Characteristics of The RooSport Magnetic Running Pouch

This magnetic running pouch can be purchased online at: The RooSport magnetic running pouch has two strong magnets that will hold your smartphone, keys, credit cards, cash, and more… It was the first magnetic running pouch to hit the running market. There are knockoffs that have tried to get around its patent pending design but they cannot match the comfort of The RooSport! The competition is too big, too bulky, and uncomfortable to run with.  Competitor’s product magnet on your waist but stick out 1-2″ and feel like you are running with an old Walkman!  The running pouch that is The RooSport is the epitome of a great running accessory.

The RooSport magnetic  pouch was developed by Brenda Brundage, an avid runner and minimalist herself. Her Patent Pending design has revolutionized running. Her design is obviously unique and there is no rubbing, chafing, or bouncing when you wear your RooSport.

Advantages of The RooSport – The Original Magnetic Pouch and Magnetic Running Pouch

For distance runners the RooSport’s slogan of GO BELTLESS! rings true. Unlike a belt with a magnetic pouch, the RooSport does not bounce on your waistband. This magnetic pouch is a runner’s dream. You can stand up Energy Gels and grab them without having to unzip a pouch while running. (It was especially designed for the top of the gels to barely stick out the top of the magnetic pouch to make them easy to grab and not rub you while running.). You can load the pouch with sports beans or gummies and reach in and pull them out while running without a zippered pouch. When you wear running shorts, compression shorts, and yoga pants for exercising you have no pockets. The RooSport magnetic pouch will snap over your waistband.  You can even conceal your pouch by letting your shirt hang over the top! This magnetic pouch holds all you need when working out or exercising. Car key, cash, ID or credit card and your phone if you would like.

The Growing Popularity of The Magnetic Running Pouch

It is easy to see why The RooSport is growing in popularity by looking at their Facebook page.  when you read the comments you see why this magnetic pouch is a winner. Unlike copy cat magnetic pouches it is slim and easily concealed. It is also so comfortable people quite often forget they are even wearing it!

More Advantages of The RooSport – The Original Magnetic Pouch and Magnetic Running Pouch

The RooSport running pouch comes in two sizes. Small size for the true minimalist (5.5″ x 4″) and large size (6×4″) for those who have a larger smartphone so they can use the magnetic pouch cell phone carrying capabilities of the pocket. Either size is great for whatever you desire. The RooSport magnetic running pouch is a runners dream. Here is the link to order and try the RooSport magnetic running pouch for yourself!

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