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Running a Marathon - Your First Marathon with The RooSport

Running a Marathon With the RooSport


Running a Marathon with the RooSport

Running a marathon with The RooSport is a great new way to cover the distance of a full marathon, 26.2 miles, without the bulk and weight of current alternatives.

What is the RooSport you might ask? It is an innovative new product put out by BeWear Athletics. It consists of a double pocket, with two strong magnets that secure the pocket to the waistband of any athletic wear.  You can learn more here: Running a Marathon using The RooSport  Let’s take a look at why this is becoming so popular in the running, walking, and marathon communities.Running a Marathon

First of all, running a marathon is a commitment of mind and body. Once you have decided that you would like to take on the challenge of a full marathon, the training begins. There are many books available on different types of training. You can choose the training method that works best for you and your schedule. I usually start training seriously around 4 months out from the marathon.

Running a Marathon Works Better with a RooSport

The RooSport is a great accessory to accompany you on all of your training runs. It is made out of lightweight water resistant nylon. It loops over your waistband giving your running wear a large pocket that does not bounce or move around. When running you don’t even realize you have it on. It becomes a part of your shorts or running skirt, and is very comfortable to wear. There is no rubbing or chafing. It can carry any personal items that you would like to take along with you. It is great for carrying your keys, energy gels or bars, cash for a quick stop during or after your run, ID, medicine, inhalers, chap stick, etc.

There are several ways to hydrate on your runs. One is to wear some sort of fuel belt, that allows you to strap on your water or sports drink. With this method, you can magnet the RooSport pocket over the belt as an extra pocket if you need to carry extra items. The other method is to map out your run, and place your drinks ahead of time on your route, and stop and drink along the way. If you choose this way, the RooSport is easily applied to your running wear, and will accompany you on your run. It is so handy to have that extra pocket to carry whatever you need.

Running a Marathon – The Day of Your Event

When you get to the actual day of the marathon, you will be glad that you have your RooSport along for your run. You will not need your fuel belt, because they have water stops along the route, and also many marathons give out energy gels or fruit as well. You will still want your RooSport to carry extra gels, medicine, Chap Stick, Kleenex, keys, or whatever you are used to carrying on your training runs. It is so accessible right there on your waistband, and lets you run without having to stop to unzip, or turn belts around and look for items that you need.

Running a marathon with a RooSport is a must do! Once you have run with it, you will never go back to running a marathon without it. It is the best running accessory you can buy. To learn more about the RooSport, visit the home page of the website at Running a Marathon, or go to the RooSport’s Facebook page here for customer reviews about running a marathon with The RooSport.

Good luck and Happy Running!

P.S. If you’ve ran a marathon or are playing on running a marathon in the near future, leave a comment and share your experiences below.  Even more importantly, if you have personally used The RooSport for running a marathon, we’d love to hear about it.  Share your results in the comments section below!


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