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The RooSport runs Key West Florida!

Brenda Brundage

     After finishing two days of selling the RooSport at the Miami Florida Marathon Expo, we headed down to Key West Florida to take a few days off before heading back up the coast to Melbourne Florida for their marathon.
     Having never been in Key West  before I was excited to take in the sights. Wow what a great place to take a few days off. We arrived late in the evening and were able to explore a little of the town. We had a great dinner at a place called Duffy’s. It was really great food.

Running with the RooSport

      The next morning I got up and headed out for a run with the RooSport. We were right on the coastline so I walked out of my hotel room, and crossed the street where there was a cement walkway boardering the ocean. I had my garmin, and my ipod, and away I went. Before leaving I asked the concierge how far it was around he island, and she thought it was about 6 miles.
     I didn’t even care how long it was. What a beautiful run. The day was warm and windy, and the scenery was breathtaking. I  listened to my favorite songs and kept running. I just kept thinking “It seriously doesn’t get any better than this!” There was a little road construction coming back up the other side of the island, so I could be off by a few tenths but I pulled up in front of my hotel at 8 miles.
     How often do you get the chance to run around the entire island of Key West? I enjoyed it and it won’t be an experience I shall soon forget. Best thing yet, I was testing out the new WaterProof RooSport. It was Awesome! Can’t wait to finally get our shipment and get it on the market. Check our website  for the release date. It will probably be around the first of April. After a few days of relaxation, I can’t wait to get to Melbourne Fl. for their marathon expo. We love the people of Florida, and selling the RooSport. And occasionally I get the chance to run in a amazing setting with my favorite product!

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