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RooSport Running Pack

Brenda Brundage

Many people that run are looking for ways to carry personal items.  The running pack is a very popular term on Google that people use to search out their solution.  I designed and have a patent pending on a running pack I call the RooSport.  The RooSport is my version of the running pack without a belt that will NOT rub, chafe or bounce while wearing it.  I eliminated the belt with two strong rare earth magnets that snap over your waist.

Running packs come in many forms.  I believe the best running pack to be minimal yet large enough to carry your essentials.  These essentials can change from one run to the next.  Running packs need to be able to hold many things and sometimes just a few things!  This would depend if you are on a long run, short run, or just going to the gym.  Running packs should not be heavy and cumbersome to wear.  The best running pack in my mind should be one you really cannot feel when you run.  That is why I designed it without a belt.

The RooSport, with its lightweight 1.5 oz. design will be the best running pack for your needs. Its flat sleek design conforms to your body making it extremely comfortable to wear. It will also hold 5-6 energy gels that can be easily reached while running.  They do not bounce out and they do not rub against you.   This makes it the best running pack for carrying your Energy gels. They conveniently stand up and the tabs stick up 1/4″ above the pocket for easy and fast retrieval during your running pack for carrying energy gels that has ever been developed!


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“Hey Brenda, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for creating such an awesome product. I purchased my RooSport at the Hartford Marathon Expo, and used it with tremendous success during the race. The RooSport made it possible for me to carry the gels/electrolytes I needed with maximal levels of comfort, and enabled me to PR by over 11 minutes at the marathon distance – finishing in 2:54:59 and top 10 in the women’s field. I know it’ll serve me just as well at the Boston Marathon next year. (Picture attached showing my RooSport). Thanks again!  Larisa”



Your running pack should allow you to easily access items you will use often throughout your run (Energy Gels, Chomps, Gummies, lip balm, etc.). running packA great running pack should also have a separate more secure compartment for your cash, id, key, etc…   Typically you will only need the more secure items following your run.  Most running packs have one pouch for all of these items and as you are running and you unzip the pouch many of your items have a tendency to fall out!  This can be very frustrating and cause you to lose time in a race.

The RooSport with its patent pending design will snap over your waistband and secure itself with two strong rare earth magnets.  With its nylon, Lycra, and satin material you will not know it is on your waist.

running packIt will hold a large cell phone and it has a convenient headphone jack that allows you to run your headphones up your shirt.  The headphone jack on your phone matches up with the hole for your headphones.

The RooSport Facebook page is filled with testimonials of the best running pack ever designed.

With all of these features it is easy to see why Runner’s World Magazine in December named it one of the Top thirty best items to buy your runner for under $30!

You can purchase your RooSport online at:

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