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ABC 4 News Utah - The Daily Dish - The RooSport

The RooSport on The Daily Dish ABC News 4 Utah Television

Brenda Brundage

This morning at 11 am MDT I will be on the “Daily Dish” on ABC News 4 Utah television. I will be on set with my husband Earl and daughter Nicole. We will be discussing all of the uses of The RooSport.

We will be covering the three basic categories we sell the RooSport into.

1. Sporting: Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Triathlon, and running in general. Also it’s use in athletic clubs and gyms. Of course, it is awesome to use; hiking , biking, and walking.

2. Travel: We will show how easy it is to zip a Passport into the front pocket while still having room for credit cards, cash and Drivers License. Then Boarding Passes Or cellphone still fits in the other pocket. The other great thing about the RooSport is how discreetly you can carry it over your waist. With a layer of clothes it is concealed.

3. Medical: The RooSport is ideal for carrying an Insulin Pump, Glucometer, Inhaler, and the newest version of the EpiPen for allergies. We have had customers run Triathalons, marathons, and Ultra marathons, climb Mt. Ranier and raft the Grand Canyon with their Insulin Pumps and other medical devices. Children find it easier to use than the bulky cases they com in.

So, check out our segment on The Daily Dish . Pass the link around to your friends and family! And, if you want to buy a RooSport because you heard about us through The Daily Dish ABC News 4 Utah Television, simply go here now:

And, if you’d like to watch the original piece, where we are featured on live TV, simply go here:

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