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The RooSport Carrying Pouch for Dog Walking!

Brenda Brundage

Yes! The RooSport is not just for running and excercising, it is getting 5 star reviews from our four legged friends!  They can now have their “oops” bags and treats carted around hands free in a RooSport.

The Roosport is perfect for walking your dog. It is lightweight (only 1.5 ounces) and snaps over any waistband creating a pocket to carry house keys, doggie bags, treats or any other supplies for your dogs. It is compact and comfortable, conforming to your body and is easily concealed. The fabric is extremely soft and machine washable.

It’s a convenient accessory for traveling to dog shows also. It will discreetly carry your identification, cash, credit cards, and cell phones. When showing your dog it will allow you to be hands free on the show floor without worrying about where to put much needed items.


 “Dear RooSport. I love running with my RooSport, but have found that I am using it on a daily basis for walking my dog!  Most of my pants do not have any pockets. My RooSport has made it convenient to carry my dog treats and potty bags. Best of all my hands are free to actually walk my dog! I’ve actually purchased a second RooSport so that I can carry my phone and house keys in mine, and I attach the second one to Zorro’s dog collar or leash.

Thanks for creating such a great product!”

– Heidi and Zorro


I love receiving emails like this! In creating the RooSport I had the typical runner in mind. I’m constantly amazed at how creative our customers are in coming up with new ideas on how to use their RooSport! It is definitely used for more than just running.

Visit our website at to pick one up today. It makes the perfect companion for your favorite companion!  Your dog will thank you!

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