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Fanny Pack Review - As it Compares to The RooSport

Review Of The Fanny Pack

Brenda Brundage

Review of The Fanny Pack

Recently our local theme park , Lagoon, implemented a new rule outlawing fanny packs on all rides.  When I contacted Lagoon officials, they said they had discontinued fanny packs for safety reasons. The Lady I spoke with said the strap on a fanny pack can break at any time and become a danger to others on the ride. This prompted my review of the fanny pReview of The Fanny Packack vs. a new product on the market called The RooSport.

My Review of The Fanny Pack vs. The RooSport

Fanny Packs have been around for decades. You can purchase a large fanny pack, medium fanny pack, or small fanny pack, depending on your need and based on what you are carrying. Fanny packs are worn around the waist and secured with a nylon strap and buckle. The larger the pack, the bigger the buckle. Their main use is to free up your hands to avoid having to carry a purse or wallet. Most people carry items ranging from cell  phones, to money, to credit cards. Other items may include the following:  inhalers, passports, medicine, food, makeup, and whatever else you can cram in the pouch. For some women, it is essential that they carry a designer fanny pack, preferably with rhinestones.

These waist pouches have several drawbacks.

In my review of the fanny pack, here were some of the most common issues.

Personal Drawback #1. They can become quite cumbersome, heavy, and bulky.  The RooSport fits only what you need and helps you to be thorough in your decision making by packing only the bare necessities.

Personal Drawback #2. They tend to be too bouncy.  Comparatively, The RooSport fits snugly against your body.

Personal Drawback #3. In all honesty, they are down right uncomfortable to wear.  Most users of The RooSport, in their review of the fanny pack and other running gear like the fanny pack, mention that their RooSports are minimalistic and they hardly even notice they are wearing them!

When I did this fanny pack review, I saw people wearing fanny packs everywhere (Even though I thought they were becoming a thing of the past!)  Whether it was in grocery stores,  malls, theme parks, airports, or even walking or running, fanny packs are still being used…

Fanny Pack Review – The Lingering Question – Why are Fanny Packs Still Being Used?

Quite frankly, each time I saw someone wearing a fanny pack, I would ask them why they still had one.  Their answers usually went something like this:  “There really isn’t anything else that I’m aware of.  There really isn’t any other alternative to the Fanny Pack.”

The RooSport is a large, attachable pocket made specifically to comfortably carry your essential items. It’s nylon and lycra design are smooth and unnoticeable when worn.  The RooSport’s patent pending magnetic design attaches  over your waistband giving you a convenient place to carry your cell phone, ID, credit cards, money, passport, inhalers, diabetic meter, and the list goes on and on and on. It serves the purpose of the fanny pack without the belt. In fact “ Go Beltless”  is The RooSport’s motto and slogan.  It will give you the security of knowing that whatever you  are carrying, that item is safe. It is especially great for all of those skirts and pants  you have that do not have a pocket. It’s versatile in it’s uses and the possibilities are endless.

Now, I tried to be completely unbiased in my review of the fanny pack, so, if you want to read even more people’s thoughts about the fanny pack, here is a great review of the fanny pack that basically goes over some of the other flaws and why the fanny pack has faded and lost popularity over time.

When you review the Fanny Pack and compare it to the RooSport, there really is no comparison. The RooSport is the modern day Fanny Pack!

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