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A Grateful User at The Boston Marathon

Brenda Brundage

As many of you know, we had the opportunity to showcase our product, The RooSport at the Boston Marathon Expo.  This was a HUGE Event for us as a small company.  To be a vendor comes at a high cost in this type of event.

As a veteran marathon runner I was not only excited to be a part of the EXPO, but having never been to Boston I was looking forward to seeing the sites of the city, and witnessing the Boston Marathon. We decided to stay in a suburb of Boston and ride the train into the city.  This ended up being a great decision because of the heavy traffic and the limited parking.  The weather was cold and wet but as we wandered up the freedom trail, and to the different sites, I was amazed by the amount of things that you can do in Boston.  There is so much history in Boston, and I found myself going back in time trying to remember what I had learned in school.

On Friday, we made our way to the convention center and set up our booth.  It was a huge venue.  For the next 3 days we worked the expo selling the RooSport, meeting exceptional runners, and talking about the marathon.  We had a successful show and were just so thrilled to be a small part of the Boston Marathon. Race day was still ahead and now that the work was over I was ready to relax and enjoy the experience.

My running partner and best friend had been to the Boston Marathon previously to watch her son run, and cautioned me about the crowds downtown.  We decided that mile 2boston marathon1 would be a good place to go to get a good spot.  I actually wanted to be at the finish line to watch the world class runners finish, but we left our hotel to late. We made our way to approx. mile 21 at the start of “Heartbreak Hill” just in time to see the lead runners pass by. Having run may marathons I knew what the runners were experiencing at this point in the race.  I can’t explain the thrill it was to be there and feel the excitement in the air.  The weather was perfect, the runner’s were amazing, and the crowd was so into the race.  We were lining both sides of the road clapping and cheering for the athletes. It was an experience I will never forget!

We had a few friends running and after they passed by, we decided to grab some lunch and head out of town to catch our flight in Washington, DC.  It was then that we received a call about the bombing at the finish line.  I was stunned.  Not believing what I was hearing. Who would do this and why?  It did not make sense to me. I found myself crying for the runners who had prepared for months for this race.  For the race coordinators and city officials who always put in so much time to make the finish line festivities such an exciting event.  But overall for the spectators who so unselfishly wait for hours to see their loved ones or friends cross the finish line. In my own case, my husband has always been there when I cross the finish line.

What would this do to the sport that I have come to know and love?  We were about to find out.

In the days that followed we watched as the city of Boston rallied around each other.  Their strength and compassion was an example to all of us.  The stories of the victims were heartbreaking. The resolve of the runners to 2013-04-11 13.23.55run again was encouraging.  I made a pledge to myself that as a runner and as a vendor I would return to Boston.  I am still working on my qualifying time and hope to be there.  I find that this is a common thought among runners everywhere and this next Boston Marathon will be one to remember.

A few weeks after the marathon I received this post: “Sorry for the lateness of this post but I really wanted to say this.  On Monday, April 14th, I had already determined I would not carry my phone with me for the Boston Marathon.  At the expo, I found this little pouch and thought, “Well, why not give it a try?” so I bought one.  Even jogged around my hotel room Sunday night to make sure it wouldn’t irritate me (it didn’t).  Who knew how important having my phone with me would turn out?  I was at mile 26.1 when the first bomb went off.  THANK GOD I had my phone with me so that I could contact my daughter and friends.  I’m forever grateful for that little pouch.  Thank you.”  Angi

This post is the reason I invented the RooSport.  Small yet convenient, big enough to carry the things you should have during a training run or during a race, but not overbearing to be inconvenient and a nuisance.  I am grateful to have helped at least one individual.

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