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Exercising With The RooSport

Exercising With The RooSport

Brenda Brundage

A New Year Resolution


     Welcome to Orlando Florida where I just finished working a 3 day show. It just happened to be the Disneyland Marathon Expo. Over 60,000 people attended the expo to check out the many products available for runners, walkers, and spectators. And of course, the RooSport, a new item on the market, was attracting its share of attention.

One of my favorite things to do is showcase my product. It is so energizing to be with my fellow vendors, working long hours and introducing people to my favorite exercise accessory, The RooSport.     I love talking to fellow runners, beginning runners, walkers, and of course the spectators about their experiences during their favorite activity. In this case most of the participants were marathon runners. However, an increasingly many people are walking or run-walking the marathons. I think this is great! Invariably I will ask someone, “Have you seen this pocket?” And they will respond, “Oh, I’m not a runner, I just walk the marathon,” to which I reply, “Good for you. I think that is great! Now, have you tried doing it with the RooSport?”

I find that people everywhere are increasing their activity. Marathons and half-marathons are becoming a goal of many runners, and although most still run the marathons, many walk-run, or walk the distance. The sport seems to only be gaining popularity. I am especially encouraged by the large age span of the participants. They range from the very young to the gracefully aging. I spoke to two wonderful men who were 70 and 75, and were excited about winning their respective age groups. I can only hope to be in that great of shape at their age. Regardless of their age or activity level, people were excited about using the RooSport as a way to carry their personal belongings. Many were just there to support an athlete, and when I would ask “Are you running tomorrow?” they would say, “No I don’t run long distances, but I do run several miles every day,” or “I don’t run but I go to the gym.” The RooSport is perfect for anyone engaged in Exercise. Whatever you are doing, The RooSport is your perfect companion. It is so lightweight, and compact you won’t even know you have are wearing it!

No matter what your level of activity is, the RooSport is a perfect way hold STUFF! Here are a few suggestions.

  1. If you exercise at the gym, it will attach over your waistband to hold your i-pod or cell phone, or just to carry your gym card or keys. Especially if you are not comfortable leaving cash or belongings in your locker.
  2. If you are a walker, it is great to carry cash or debit card, your house key, chapstick, kleenex, and of course dog treats if your favorite four legged friend is accompanying you.
  3. There are many ways runners can benefit from the RooSport. It creates a pocket in running wear that enables you to carry whatever you want to carry on your run. This varies depending on the distance you are going, but invariably it is a key, money, fuel, and many times your cell phone.
  4. The RooSport is great for hiking also. It gives you the freedom of having your hands free to climb while keeping your keys and cards secure at your waistband.

As the creator of the RooSport, I want to encourage all of you to make becoming more active a goal of yours this year. If there is anything I could change about my life it would be that I would have discovered the benefits of exercise earlier in life. I challenge you to go for a walk, take that set of stairs, make yourself a goal of running your first mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon this year. You can do it!  And of course take along a RooSport with you. One of my goals is to outfit everyone with their own personal RooSport to promote an active lifestyle. Make it your goal to use your RooSport in some type of physical activity every day. Exercise does not have to be something you avoid. Make it fun by doing something you enjoy.

I hope to meet and talk too many of you at one of the many events we attend this year. Make this year a healthier happier one!

Thanks and Happy Running!




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