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Carrying Your Cell Phone While Running

Brenda Brundage

The New Way for Carrying Your Cell Phone While Running

Are you looking for a great new way to carry your cell phone? Well I have the answer for you. It’s called the RooSport. If you haven’t heard of this innovative new product, I invite you to check out my website.Carrying Your Cell Phone is EASY With The RooSport

Many of you run with your phones for a variety of reasons. One of them is to track your mileage with programs such as Runkeeper, Map my Run, Nike Run etc. Another is to listen to your music, or to just have it in case of emergencies.  No matter what your reason, running with a phone becomes a problem if you don’t have a place to put it. I witness people running every day holding their phones in their hands, or stuffed in their running bras. (a popular place for women.)

I talk to runners on a weekly basis at running expos and find that roughly 80 percent of runners carry their cell phones. Of the 20 percent that do not carry their phones, many do not want to be bothered by phone calls, but most have just not found a comfortable way to carry their phones.

A Drawback to Carrying Your Cell Phone Without The RooSport

The number one drawback to carrying your phone while running is that cell phones are heavy. So it becomes a problem to find a product that will handle the weight of your phone without becoming bulky or annoying while keeping your phone safe and protected. The RooSport is just the product for the job. It attaches to the waistband of your athletic wear, creating a pocket to carry whatever you need. In this case, your cell phone. It is very comfortable to wear. One of the biggest compliments we continually get on our web page is that you cannot even tell you are wearing the RooSport. Many customers find themselves reaching down to make sure it is still there.

The RooSport works well with all types of shorts or pants. I get asked all the time if compression pants are too tight for the RooSport. Not at all.  They are perfect for this product. The RooSport fits well inside any compression pants, shorts, or running skirts, and does not move at all. It will not bounce. There is no rubbing or chafing. It just does not move. If you are wearing traditional running shorts, or perhaps a loser pair of shorts, attach the RooSport, and tie up your tie on your shorts and you are set. I have used it on all types of running wear, and it works great!

The RooSport has two strong magnets in its design. A common question I get asked is if the magnets affect the cell phones. The answer is no they will not. Cell phones do not have hard drives in them and therefore they are not affected by the magnets. Also the magnets will not affect the GPS on your cell phone, so you can use whichever running program you choose.

The RooSport is 5 ½ inches wide and big enough to accommodate and carry most cell phones. The new I-phone 5 will fit in it will a slim case. We are working on a bigger design for the Samsung GX3. It should be available in a few months.

I may be termed an old fashioned runner. I like to run very lightweight, carrying almost nothing. I have not carried my cell phone until recently. I still prefer to run without it, but I have been taking it with me lately for safety reasons. I travel a lot, and if I am in a city that I’m not familiar with, I always take along my phone so that I do not get lost. Also if I don’t have my Garmin with me, I use a running program to track my progress. I have loved using my RooSport for this. When I very first attach my RooSport to my shorts or skirt with my cell phone in it, I can feel the weight of my phone, but after the first few yards, I can’t even tell I have it on.

If you find that you must carry a fuel belt to hold your water, the RooSport becomes a great companion to your belt to hold your phone.  In fact, carrying your cell phone has never been easier. Just magnet it right over your running belt and it will create that extra space that you need.

The RooSport is my favorite way to carry my cell phone.  Whether I’m running, walking, or just doing every day activities, it gives you a way to always carry your cell phone with you, especially if you don’t have that coveted pocket. Take a look at the customer reviews on our Facebook page, and pick one up on our website. It will be the best running accessory for carrying your cell phone you have ever purchased!

Happy Running!


P.S. If you’ve purchased a RooSport before and use it for carrying your cell phone, share your experience and story in the comments section below for a chance to win a FREE RooSport!


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