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An Honest Review of The RooSport: The World’s First Attachable, Magnetic Running Pocket

Brenda Brundage

Go Beltless?


As thousands of runners a month pass by our expo booths, they see our slogan, “Go Beltless.”

Almost always, their first question is “What does ‘Go Beltless‘ mean?Go Beltless - An Honest Review of The RooSport

It’s an Interesting question, and one we are happy to answer!  What is this new product, and how does it work?

The RooSport is a super lightweight pocket designed to carry your personal items. It attaches to any waistband with the help of two strong magnets. The RooSport is made of water resistant nylon. The inner pocket is a roomy 5 ½ inches by 4 inches, and is big enough to carry your iphone or smart phone, ipod, energy bars and gels, inhalers, chapstick, keys, etc… The outer pocket is made of stretchy Lycra, and has a zipper closure to secure your credit cards, money, I.D. or whatever you choose. It’s basically a double pocket that you cannot do without!

The beauty of the RooSport is that when applied correctly to your shorts, you cannot even tell you are wearing it. I hear this type of comment all the time:  “I don’t even notice it while I have it on! It is so comfortable to wear.”  Many people tell us that they had to keep reaching down to make sure it was still there. The strength of the magnet combined with the fact that it is worn inside your shorts up next to your body, keeps it firmly in place. It does not shift or move, and because of this, there is no chafing.

Advantages to The “Go Beltless” Philosophy

There is no bouncing with this product. When I run with my cell phone, I notice the weight of my phone when I first put it on and start running, but then I literally can’t tell it’s there. It is the best solution I have found to carry a phone. If you are a sweater, put your phone in a plastic bag to prevent damage. We are currently working on a waterproof pouch to further protect electronics.

I find myself constantly watching runners, whether I’m driving, or just out and about, and am always amazed at the runners, who are either carrying their phones in their hands, or have them in their bra’s (some men excluded!) That is where I always carried my stuff. This product eliminates the need for all you hand and bra carriers out there. You all need a RooSport!

I joke with runner’s everyday about the fact that the RooSport helps you run faster. It actually does, because you can keep up your pace, and just reach down and access your gels, by keeping the tabs up, or whatever else you choose to put in the pocket. It is handy to have everything right there on your waistband.

We designed the RooSport for runners, and athletes, but have since had a very rude awakening!  To learn more about The Go Beltless theme and the story of the RooSport go here  What a great product for anyone who just doesn’t have a pocket in a particular pair of pants, shorts, or skirts. On a daily basis I get emails from people who are using it to travel, it holds a passport, or theme parks, or mowing their lawn while they listen to their Ipods, or at work, or in everyday life! We have a very loyal fan that has to use it for his insulin pump and he just completed the NYC Triathlon! It is literally changing people’s lives.   Visit our Facebook Community to see pictures and learn more about his story.

If you don’t have one of these nifty little pockets, you need one. Then you can email me with the thousand and one other little things you can use it for!  You have to check out The RooSport and buy one for yourself.  GO BELTLESS!!! and order a few RooSports today.  Or, if you want to read another great, third party, independent review, you can do so here:  Go Beltless

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