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An Honest Review from a RooSport User

Brenda Brundage

I thought you might like to hear from a typical RooSport first time user. I received this last week. Enjoy!

“Hi all, just wanted to share my thoughts on the RooSport with everyone!

First off, I think that it is without a doubt the best solution to carrying a smartphone and other small items while running.

I have tried most of the other methods, including iPhone-specific armbands, the Amphipod Satellite/Landsport (small packs which clip onto your waistband) and various belt-based (fanny) packs. It was actually by chance that I found out about the RooSport… someone mentioned it on a forum I was browsing where they were discussing the Spibelt versus other solutions. At the time, I was set on buying a Spibelt but I’m glad I found this first! The RooSport is definitely a very effective product that fills a genuine need and deserves more exposure.

The first thing that really stands out about this product is how light and soft it is, compared to the other solutions on the market. The fabric feels comfortable next to your skin, with no rough edges/stitching, etc. to irritate. I like the fact that the fabric chosen is NOT the standard, harsher-feeling denier nylon or thicker neoprene. Although one thing to note is that the fabric isn’t waterproof (and doesn’t claim to be), so to keep your phone dry you’ll need to just slip it into a small plastic bag before putting it in the RooSport. The above-mentioned clip-on pouches are also nicely designed and work quite well but they are made of thicker, heavier material that is more noticeable while wearing and also takes longer to dry out. The almost weightless feel of the RooSport, coupled with a practical and effective design, is what makes it really shine.

The magnet system works nicely too, again with minimal fuss. It simply folds over your waistband and snaps into place in a position that feels just right. The magnets are light and very strong so there is no chance of them coming apart when you run. This method is much more comfortable and low-profile than the other attachment systems available and I am surprised no one (including myself!) didn’t think of this before. The clip-based systems I have used also work fairly well but are inherently heavier and more bulky, as moving parts are involved. I find sports armbands need to be too tightly secured to stay in place and loosen when I start to sweat. They also make you look and feel like a bit of a “sports-nut”, and are designed specifically to hold one item (your smart phone). The belt-based pack systems have, um… belts, which feel restrictive while running and need to be fairly tight around your waist to prevent bounce. Also, I always feel a sense of overkill using these on a run and am never sure whether to wear the belt inside or outside my shirt 🙂

The RooSport has two spacious compartments, one zippered (perfect for cards, gels and various other small items) and one open-style with a small velcro tab closure, which I find perfect for slipping a smart phone into. I bought this product primarily for carrying my iPhone 4S while running, and it fits nicely into the main compartment. It is also accessible while running without having to remove it from your waistband. I was pleasantly surprised by how unnoticeable it is while running, given that the iPhone 4S isn’t the lightest of devices. I can’t imagine there being a more effective way to bring along a device of this weight on a run or bike ride. Personally, I have found that I prefer to use my RooSport on the back of my shorts, in the center.

So there you have it! It’s good. It works. Give it a try if you need to carry your phone or small items on a run, bike ride, while traveling, at the beach etc.”

– Distance runner, triathlete, mountain and road biker.

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