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An Alternative to The Purse…

Brenda Brundage

An Alternative to The Purse Has Arrived!

An alternative to the purse is here!

“The horse is here to stay, the automobile is only a fad.
— Advice of President of Michigan Savings Bank to Horace Rackham, lawyer for Henry Ford

In hindsight, it’s pretty easy to see how horribly mistaken Henry Ford’s attorney was.  However, in this day and age, are we subconsciously doing the same thing?

In this article, I invite you to open your mind and expand your vision to a quality substitute for a purse.An Alternative to the Purse

To start, I’d like to ask you a  few questions…

Does The Standard Purse Finally Have A Competitive Alternative?

Do you find yourself on the go, trying to keep track of multiple children, needing 4 hands when you only have 2?

Do you find yourself in situations where purses are not allowed, yet you still want to have your cell phone, ID/Driver’s License or credit cards with you?

Are you ever bothered by the fact that your purse weighs more than most carry-on luggage?

Or, here’s a serious question for you:  How about that feeling of losing your purse and having to wonder if you left it in the last store you were in or maybe in the restaurant?

Does The RooSport Really Stack up as a Viable Alternative to The Purse?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I definitely have the solution for you! The Roosport is a versatile, extra, magnetic pocket that attaches to the waistband of your shorts, skirts, or pants, making your life a whole lot easier.  In short, The RooSport proves a viable alternative to the purse.  A “purse substitute,” if you will.

It’s roomy enough to hold your lip gloss, keys, phone, money, loose change, driver’s license, credit cards, and other personal items.

The RooSport is designed with 2 compartments. The main pocket is easily accessible with a Velcro closure, and the outer pocket has a zipper closure for security.

A Competitive Alternative to The Standard Purse

Here are The Top 10 Reasons Why The RooSport is a viable, awesome alternative to the purse:

Reason #1:  It’s great for mowing the lawn while listening to your I-pod

Reason #2:  You can wear it around the house, so you can always have your cell phone with you

Reason #3:  Visiting your local theme park, or Disneyland

Reason #4:  Shopping at the mall or grocery store

Reason #5:  Traveling, it easily holds a passport and provides easy access to all of your other travel documents

Reason #6:   Easily store your little personal necessities while going to Clubs or parties

Reason #7:   At Work (many of your clothes do not have pockets).  The RooSport always provides a spacious pocket for your phone and money.

Reason #8:   Walking your dog

Reason #9:   This one is a little known fact:  The RooSport works extremely well for carrying your concealed weapon or providing an easily accessible carrying case for small weapons.

Reason #10:  The RooSport works as a perfect alternative to the purse by cutting down on stressing over your purse and/or wallet…especially when you’re with your children or watching little kids.

Reason #11:   And of course, if you’re looking for an amazing magnetic pocket for running, biking, hiking, camping, or even swimming, The RooSport is the most obvious answer and proves the perfect alternative to the purse!

Are You Convinced That The RooSport is a Great Alternative to The Purse Yet?

I think you get the picture. The RooSport gives you a hands free experience in whatever activity you’re doing and serves as the best alternative to the purse I’ve yet come across.

Whether your sick and tired of lugging around a heavy purse or you’d rather have a more convenient, less bulky pseudo “wallet,” The RooSport is the best alternative to the purse on the market, hands down.

In short, it’s a great alternative to the purse or wallet and it provides a safe, convenient, and inexpensive way to travel, or just accomplish all the little “to do” lists of everyday life.   So, when you’re ready, order a few RooSports here and join The RooSport revolution!

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