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It magnets over the waistband of your clothing to provide you with a pocket.


Yes, the RooSport can be worn on any of your clothing to give you a pocket to carry your things. It is especially good on women’s pants and skirts that have no pockets; for instance leggings, Capri’s, yoga pants, skirts, slacks, compressions shorts, etc.


It is great for carrying cell phones, credit cards, cash, energy gels, chapstick, keys, etc. Depending on the activity you are doing, it is great at carrying a wide variety of different items.


Yes! The magnets in the RooSport are strong enough to hold through your jeans.


Yes, the RooSport will hold your cell phone. The smaller version holds an iPhone 4 with a case or an iPhone 5 with a very slim case or without a case. The newer, larger RooSport will hold most Androids, and the Samsung Galaxy III and IV. It will also hold the iPhone 5 with a waterproof case.


Yes, because of the way RooSport is designed, it will not fall out. It is very comfortable and convenient to stand your cell phone up in the RooSport instead of laying it down inside of the pocket. It is easy to access, and is helpful if you have a very large phone.


No, smart phones do not have a hard drive, and your phone contains magnets in its speakers. Your smart phones are safe inside the RooSport.


In most cases the phones will take up the majority of the space inside the RooSport. We have designed an opening on the side of the pocket beneath the zipper, to accommodate threading the headphones through to the outside of the RooSport.


Yes, most iPods are safe inside the RooSport. The very first iPod made (iPod Classic) has a hard drive and is not safe to carry inside the RooSport. All other models are safe.


Yes, the RooSport can be worn on either the front or back of your waistband. It is very comfortable. Many bikers like to wear it on the back, but it is a personal choice.


No, it is not. The current smaller version is made of water resistant nylon, but still gets pretty sweaty. The larger version was created with waterproof lining on the inside of the zipper pocket, and encased in the back flap section. It still is not waterproof if you are running long distances in the heat. Sweat can tend to seep through the zipper. In these instances we recommend that you place your electronics in a Ziploc baggie. For most of your normal runs it keeps the moisture out.


Yes, the magnets are very strong.


The RooSport is designed to be worn on the inside of your waistband. However it can be worn on the outside it you are not carrying anything heavy enough to bounce. Wearing it next to your body on the inside, coupled with the strength of the magnets makes the RooSport very secure and it is very comfortable.


No. The RooSport works well on all athletic wear. If you are wearing compression wear it is great. If you have a looser short or skirt on, and are carrying something heavy like your cell phone, just tie up the tie on your shorts after putting on the RooSport. It will keep it nicely in place!


No, not at ALL! There is no bouncing even when carrying your cell phone.


No. The magnet holds the RooSport so securely on your waistband, that it does not move back and forth which is what causes chafing.


No, you cannot even tell that it is there.


No. One of the biggest compliments we get with the RooSport is that you can’t even tell that you are wearing it. All of your pockets are on the inside of your pants, and this is true with our design. It is VERY comfortable.


Yes! The RooSport is perfect for carrying inhalers.


No, the magnet will not affect your credit cards. The strip on credit cards is thicker, and the magnet is not strong enough to wipe it out.


Yes, in most cases your hotel room key will be wiped out with this magnet. The hotel keys use very inexpensive magnetic strips. Your cell phones and other credit cards can also wipe out your hotel key. I still carry my hotel key in the RooSport; I just alert the front desk when I return that my card has been near a magnet and they fix it before I go to by room.